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High-quality refrigeration unit for your cold room or freezer room

In only 3 simple steps you choose the perfect Zanotti by Daikin cooling unit for your isomaster cold room. A few hours later your refrigeration unit and cold room* will be delivered at your doorstep!

High-quality refrigeration units and reliable after-sales service

You can rely on the refrigeration units of Zanotti by Daikin!
  • Daikin observes the very highest quality standards. Each and every day, it works on continuous quality improvement, following the Japanese principles of Kaizen and Kanban.
  • During manufacture Daikin puts each unit through rigorous refrigeration and electronics inspections before allowing it to leave the factory.
  • Our customers benefit from a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, starting from the date on which the refrigeration unit is put into service.**
  • International after-sales service means you will have peace of mind! Being an international company and market leader, Daikin has a local sales & service department in every country, so should you experience any problems, you haven’t got far to walk!

Everything for your cold room delivered at lightning speed

Would you like a refrigeration unit and/or shelving to go with your Minibox cold store that can be delivered at lightning speed? That is possible! Our shelving and the refrigeration units of Zanotti by Daikin are part of the 'Isomasters Express' service, which means that these products are delivered in only 72h**! A few days later everything for your cold room is on your doorstep. This way you realise your project in just a few days.

In 3 simple steps a refrigeration unit that suits your cold room

Would you like to know which refrigeration unit fits your cold room? We will lead you to your ideal refrigeration unit in just 3 easy steps!

1. Which type ?

2. Cold room or freezer room?

What is the application for the cold room? Will it be used for cooling or freezing? For cold store applications, the refrigerant R134A is used, for freezer applications the refrigerant R452a is used.


3. Volume of your cold or freezer room

What is the volume in cubic metres of your cold room? The larger the cell, the higher the cooling capacity should be, of course.

»»» When you have answered these three questions can quickly and easily find your ideal refrigeration unit in the table at the bottom of this page! By looking up the article number on you can quickly find all the technical information. When you order it, it will be delivered within 72 hours**!

Order your cold room on!

Search on the article number - see table below - to quickly find your ideal refrigeration unit.


» Wall/zaddle model

Cold room (+5°C à -5°C)

Refrigerant: R134A

Freezer room (-15°C à -25°C)

Refrigerant: R452a
Cold room volume (<m3) Q (Watt) Voltage (V/Hz) Article number Cold room volume
Q (Watt) Voltage (V/Hz) Article number
5,3 855 230/1~/50 DAI.000.001 2,8 679 230/1~/50 DAI.000.047
6,5 978 230/1~/50 DAI.000.002 4,6 889 230/1~/50 DAI.000.048
7,9 1120 230/1~/50 DAI.000.003 7,2 1155 230/1~/50 DAI.000.049
9,0 1315 230/1~/50 DAI.000.004 11,0 1429 230/1~/50 DAI.000.050
11,0 1351 230/1~/50 DAI.000.005 13,0 1688 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.051
15,0 1806 230/1~/50 DAI.000.006 25,0 2491 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.052
17,0 2034 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.007 28,0 2701 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.053
19,0 2175 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.008 36,0 3160 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.054
32,0 3079 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.009  
35,0 3351 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.010

» Rooftop model

Cold room (+5°C à -5°C)

Refrigerant: R134A

Freezer room (-15°C à -25°C)

Refrigerant: R452a
Cold room volume
Q (Watt) Voltage (V/Hz) Article number Cold room volume
Q (Watt) Voltage (V/Hz) Article number
4,6 847 230/1~/50 DAI.000.011 1,9 679 230/1~/50 DAI.000.055
6,9 1120 230/1~/50 DAI.000.012 6,1 889 230/1~/50 DAI.000.056
9,1 1338 230/1~/50 DAI.000.013 11,0 1155 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.057
14,0 1799 230/1~/50 DAI.000.014 22,0 1429 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.058
15,0 2022 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.015 30,0 1688 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.059
31,0 3282 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.016 42,0 2491 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.060
35,0 3550 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.017 61,0 2701 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.061
38,0 3774 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.018  
52,0 4871 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.019

» Split model

Cold room (+5°C à -5°C)

Refrigerant: R134A

Freezer room (-15°C à -25°C)

Refrigerant: R452a
Cold room volume
Q (Watt) Voltage (V/Hz) Length of pre-filled pipes (m) Cold room volume
Q (Watt) Voltage (V/Hz) Length of pre-filled pipes (m)
2,5 5 10 2,5 5 10
Article number Article number
5,3 855 230/1~/50 DAI.000.020 DAI.000.029 DAI.000.038 2,8 679 230/1~/50 DAI.000.062 DAI.000.070 DAI.000.078
6,5 978 230/1~/50 DAI.000.021 DAI.000.030 DAI.000.039 4,6 889 230/1~/50 DAI.000.063 DAI.000.071 DAI.000.079
7,9 1120 230/1~/50 DAI.000.022 DAI.000.031 DAI.000.040 7,2 1155 230/1~/50 DAI.000.064 DAI.000.072 DAI.000.080
9,0 1315 230/1~/50 DAI.000.023 DAI.000.032 DAI.000.041 11,0 1429 230/1~/50 DAI.000.065 DAI.000.073 DAI.000.081
11,0 1351 230/1~/50 DAI.000.024 DAI.000.033 DAI.000.042 13,0 1688 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.066 DAI.000.074 DAI.000.082
15,0 1806 230/1~/50 DAI.000.025 DAI.000.034 DAI.000.043 25,0 2491 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.067 DAI.000.075 DAI.000.083
17,0 2034 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.026 DAI.000.035 DAI.000.044 28,0 2701 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.068 DAI.000.076 DAI.000.084
32,0 3079 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.027 DAI.000.036 DAI.000.045 36,0 3160 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.068 DAI.000.077 DAI.000.085
35,0 3351 400/3N~/50 DAI.000.028 DAI.000.037 DAI.000.046  

* For Minibox cold rooms. Are you ordering a Modular cold room with a refrigeration unit? Calculate 3 weeks for the delivery time.
** In Belgium, Luxembourg and some regions in France (i.e. Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Picardie, Haute-Normandie, Île-de-France, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine, Alsace, Centre). For delivery times to other regions, please contact us.


Questions about the refrigeration units?

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