Dicogel Begro

Moeskroen (België)

DICOGEL BEGRO is one of the main actors on the deep-frozen vegetables scene in Europe.  Dicogel’s main focus is the quality of the products as they aim to conserve all nutrients of the freshly harvested vegetables as efficiently as possible:  by keeping the process in between harvest and freezing very short. Thanks to the automatized production processes and the integrated quality controls, the vegetables can be processed and packed automatically shortly after harvest. The storage and distribution of the goods are done afterwards in cold stores with a capacity of 30,000 pallets.  isomasters (previously Isocab-Isobar) built the freezer storage areas, the fire resistant connecting corridors, and a production room where the vegetables are blanched before being frozen.

Frozen storage

Pending expedition, the finished products of DICOGEL BEGRO are stored in big freezer warehouses and then transported to the cooled loading quays through an automatically controlled system. In recent years, isomasters developed multiple large freezer storage rooms of 120 x 60 x 15,60 meters on the Dicogel site in Ardooie, built with industrial PIR panels with a 200 mm thickness for the facades of the buildings. On top of the steel roof structures, 220 mm thick sandwich panels have been placed (U-value of 0,090 W/m².K) with spans every 6 meters. The roof was closed with a waterproof membrane afterwards. The result was a perfectly insulated, air-tight and damp free production site.

Firesafe passages

In between the existing freezer warehouses and the newly built freezer room in Ardooie, fire-resistant partition walls were raised. At ground floor level, passages were created which meet fire resistance standards of EI120. To achieve the best fire safe conditions, isomasters advised the use of rockwool panels, type Decaroc 50F with a thickness of 300 mm that meets the A2-s1, d0 standards. These areas of the production site were also perfectly insulated and air-tightly executed.

On the production site in Moeskroen, a connecting tunnel was built over a distance of about 20 meters, and approx. five meters above road level to transfer the deep-frozen products in between the freezer warehouses through automated elevators and a roll track system. This fireproof transport corridor on freezer temperature was also built with Decaroc 50F rockwool panels which prevent a possible spread of fire in between the two freezer warehouses.
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